NaNoWriMo – Day 22-24

At the end of day 21 I was at 46,300 words. I told everyone I wanted to finish on the 23rd, but really I was aiming for the 22nd. Why don’t we see how I did?

Day 22 – Goal 3,700 (cumulative 50,000)
This was a big goal for a workday. It had to be one of those days where if I was able to write, I needed to be writing. No excuses or fiddling around. It was deadline day.

On the way into work in the morning, I managed to get about 200 words. A not bad start. Over lunch, I was hoping to get up to 1,700. That would still leave me with 2,000 words after work, but I could manage that. I didn’t quite make it, but I was at something like 1,400 when I got home.

My husband and son decided to go climbing in the evening which gave me two hours to write by myself. I got another 1,600.

When I made it back to writing at around 9 pm I had about 700 words to go. I updated my word count and now I had friends cheering me on. I HAD to finish before I could go to bed. The first 500 words of that 700 went quickly. Then it really slowed down, I was checking my count every 30 words. BUT! I made it. When I hit 50,007 I did the validation on the NaNo site and came in at 50,005. I’d won my twelfth NaNo! Actual – 50,005

Day 23 – Goal write something
I only wrote a little bit on the 23rd. I got 400 words for the day, but it was nice to write because I wanted to, not because I had to. Of course, I forgot to update my word count on the 23rd and had to do it on the 24th when I remembered. At least you can update individual days now on the site!

Day 24 – I wrote nothing
What more can I say? I didn’t write a word. It felt kind of nice actually.

I have won NaNoWriMo for another year. Not my fastest or smoothest finish. I didn’t have my biggest word day ever (but I have a goal for that). It was an inconsistent year filled with good and bad days.  The last few years when I’ve finished NaNo I’ve thought, maybe I’ll take next year off. So far I’m not feeling that way, but we’ll see what happens next November.

If you haven’t finished yet, good luck and keep writing. If you have finished, congratulations!

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