Day 2 – NaNo Update

I had a bit of a slow down on day 2. Final word count for the day was 1,920, making my NaNo total 4,639. My plans of a reverse NaNo are quickly dwindling. I think I could have done it … if we started on say a Friday. Wednesday’s are not great writing days for me though. I have too many things going on. I might pick the reverse NaNo up again once the word counts are under 2k for the day. Right now though, I’ve set my goal to be at 10k by bedtime on Saturday night. That will give me a two day word buffer.

My NaNo Daily Challenge for day 2 was to “focus on making dialogue sound natural”. I enjoyed this one. I’ve always like writing dialogue, but I definitely run into the problem of knowing too much about both sides of the conversation. It is always a bit too smooth, or a bit like they are hearing more than the other character is really saying. Yesterday I worked on having minor misunderstandings, with a side of a bit of confusion. We’ll see in edits if I think it worked or not. Either way, it was good practice and an exercise worth doing again in the future.

Are you working on any of your writing weaknesses during NaNo? What are some of your writing weaknesses?



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