Favourite Summer Salad Recipes

For some reason just after our first big blizzard of the year I started craving salads. The type of salads I usually eat in the summer. I figure I’ll go with it. My meals have been getting a little stale lately, and I’m not eating enough vegetables. What better way to get more vegetables than eating more salads?

Here are a few of my favourite summer salad recipes that have or will find their way to my table this month:

Picnic Potato Salad
One of my best friends introduced me to this salad. They aren’t lying when they say it is the perfect potato salad. A great side dish for a BBQ. I usually use two or three green onions instead of what is called for. For a long time I avoided this salad because peeling and boiling potatoes felt like such a chore. Every time I make it though, I’m reminded that boiling potatoes is far faster and simpler than I remember. Go figure.

Tortellini Pasta Salad
I love the dressing on this one. I use the Dijon mustard as I don’t mind the after taste and don’t find it too strong. Before I put in the red onions I soak them in cold water with a bit of vinegar. I find them far too powerful otherwise. I also use an English cucumber so I don’t have to worry about seeds.

Tuna, Chickpeas and Broccoli Salad
I originally came across this salad because of a blog I read a few years ago. I like this salad, because it’s easy to make, but is different from what I usually eat. I’m also not a big fish fan, but doing tuna like this makes it edible for me. The dressing is fairly light, and as stated in the salad keeps well for lunch the next day.

Mango Quinoa Salad
Adding this one so people don’t think I only eat salads with Dijon in the dressing. I like this one as a main course all on its own. It also stores nicely for lunch leftovers the next day. My son used to love this one and we had it all the time. Lately he hasn’t been in the mood, so I haven’t made it in a while.

What are your favourite salads? Do you prefer salads with lettuce or without?


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