Having Your Writing Critiqued

Our critique group isn’t even a year old yet, and I can’t begin to count the number of things I’ve learned. The piece that continues to amaze me is how much I learn by reading the work of the other group members. Our abilities and styles vary, but I gain valuable insight every time I read through their work.

Having others read through your work with the specific intent of telling you what you are doing wrong is hard. I don’t know that it will ever get easy, but now that I know the benefits it isn’t terrifying.

I’ve discovered that I have an easier time getting comments on newer work. Especially if the piece is something I’m playing around with to work on improving my writing as a skill, not because I want to polish the actual piece. I guess it makes sense that I’m less attached to the words and scenes of something I’ve only just started working on.

Are you part of a critique group? What makes submitting easier for you?


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