Life Goals and Bucket Lists

I’ve written a few bucket lists in my life. Usually I keep them small, in the five item range. Some things they’ve included in the past are: run a marathon, travel the world, publish a novel, do a triathlon, finish a quilt, or knit a pair of socks.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that I don’t have to do everything to the very extent that it can be done. I don’t have to run a marathon just because I like running a 5k. I don’t have to knit a pair of socks just because I used to knit. Running a 5k, while less distance than a marathon, is not less valuable than running a marathon. Knitting a shawl can teach me just as much as knitting a pair of socks. Sometimes less is more when that less fits into our lives and still makes us happy.

It has taken time, but I realize the same can be said for my writing. I’ve always dreamed of being a published author. An author with a novel on a bookstore shelf. Right now that isn’t a realistic goal. I don’t have the time, or skill, to edit and polish a manuscript to that level. I haven’t given up the goal completely, but it isn’t something I’m driven to accomplish right now. My goal right now is far simpler. I want to finish my tenth NaNoWriMo, and I want to do it with joy. The first part of that is easy. The second part I’m working on with slow steady progress.

How have your lifetime goals changed over time? What kinds of things are on your bucket list?


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