July Round Up

August has been so busy that I never got around to reviewing my July goals. In July my goals were:

  1. Win Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve set a goal of 10k. – Done!
  2. Use my writing spreadsheet. – Done!
  3. Sew at least two nights. – Done! I spent one night on my shoo fly quilt (all but one row is sewn up), and I spent an afternoon fixing two pairs of shorts for my son.
  4. Continue to find fun ways to work on spelling words with my son. – Done.

I wrote a lot more than I expected in July. I wrote over 31k last month which was a pleasant surprise. Most of it was on a fluffy fanfic piece I likely won’t do anything with, but it was still writing and all practice is good practice.

I didn’t set any goals for August, but I’m going to set some for September. I’m not sure what all of them will be, but I know I want to work on some specific writing skills. Likely I’ll work on getting a solid outline for my NaNo novel for this year. The last few years I’ve worked from no or minimal outlines. This year I’d like to go back to working from a detailed outline.

I also want to go back to character development. I’ve said before that right now it is probably my weakest point. It isn’t as bad when I’m writing fanfiction, so I think the first step is to get a better handle on my characters before I start writing then.

Did you set any goals for August or are you on vacation as well? Have you started planning for NaNo in November?


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