Writing on Vacation

Writing while on vacation is a challenge. I decided before my vacation this year that I would try and write, but if I didn’t that was okay too. It is a vacation after all!

Tools to use while away
This year writing has been a lot easier while away. I always take my iPad on vacation, but rarely my laptop. This year because I have Scrivener for ios I don’t need to bring my laptop to be able to write. I can easily write on my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard in Scrivener on my iPad. My files at home will be updated when I get home and load up my system.

Good times to write
Our vacation started with a short plane trip (under two hours) and I was able to write over 1k on the iPad. When I was finished I just tucked it away as usual. I didn’t have to worry about where to fit my laptop, or what I was going to leave at home to have space for it. The plane is a great time to write because everyone has to stay in their seats most of the time anyway.

Today I’m writing while the kids play Lego downstairs. Writing in the morning when the kids are fresh and getting along is much easier than trying to fit in some words later in the day when the fights have started. Or when it is finally cool enough that we have to send them out to the park to burn off some energy before bed.

What to write
For me, I write whatever calls my name on vacation. I am on vacation after all. I should get to write what appeals and not have to force my way through a scene that needs to be done, but doesn’t appeal in the slightest.

What are your tricks for writing on vacation? Do you write on vacation or do you give yourself the time off?


2 thoughts on “Writing on Vacation

  1. Katherine Jay August 9, 2016 / 11:18 am

    I do the iPad/Bluetooth keyboard thing on vacation, and Scriv is going to make that so much easier this year.

    Writing earlier in the day is my best tip. And while being bored out of my skull in airports, too. If I leave the writing until later in the day, it doesn’t happen. Get it done early and then I can enjoy my day without trying to figure out how to sneak away for an hour.

    Usually my summer vacations are when a deadline is coming up, so what I write is defined by that. I’d love to write whatever my heart says to write! My only tip on that is to get the goal you intended on anything you *have* to work on, and then have some fun writing time at the end.

    And hey, reading a ton of books shouldn’t be dismissed as poor use of vacation time! Reading helps us with our writing more than we realise, so it’s a win-win activity: fun vacation thing, and writing prep all at once 🙂


    • NJ Fraser August 15, 2016 / 12:01 pm

      Great tips! I didn’t get as much writing as I hoped during vacation, but I wrote a lot on both plane rides and on two other days. More than I usually get thanks to Scrivener for ios!


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