July Quilting Update

I know this is primarily a reading/writing blog, but once a month I indulge my sewing side. You can find all my quilting/sewing updates here.

Shoo Fly QuiltGreen shoo fly quilt rowsThis month I decided to focus on getting my Shoo Fly quilt top finished up. Over two nights I’ve put together five of the six rows needed to complete the top. This quilt won’t have a border, so once the rows are done I just have to sew them together to call it done. I bought the backing fabric and the binding fabric for this one on my last trip to Avonport. Once I order the batting, (I’m going with warm and white since the dominant fabric is white), I’ll have everything I need to finish this quilt up.

Side angle of green shoo fly quilt

Star Quilt
I still haven’t made any progress on the Star Quilt. The good news, for my husband anyway, is that I have promised I will only have one quilt in the quilting phase from here on out. Will force me to quilt the Star before starting on the Shoo fly. I can’t promise I won’t be binding them at the same time though!

Do you limit the number of sewing projects you have on the go? Are you good about finishing one project before starting a new one?


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