Sit Stand Desks – At work and at home

A number of people in my office have been moving to sit stand desks. They’re all attachment style ones which allow for a small work space, keyboard, mouse, and two monitors while using the same desk you have always used. A simple tug on a handle brings the system up or down. I didn’t have one at work because I’m only part time and I wanted those who are full time to have first dibs. A coworker is pregnant though and isn’t going to be using hers for the next few months. I get to borrow it over the summer starting tomorrow.

It’s an ideal time to get a trial at work, as last night I ordered a sit stand desk for at home from Ikea. I need a work space in the soon to be finished craft room/study. My husband and I both use laptops, so sharing a desk between sewing, crafting, writing, and working isn’t difficult. There are several reasons I wanted a sit stand desk at home. They include:

  1. When I’m cutting fabric for quilting my back starts to ache from the awkward bent over position. Now I can have my fabric at the perfect height with a few turns of a handle.
  2. When sewing on the dinning room table I find the sewing machine just a touch too high. Now I can adjust as needed. I can also try sewing standing if my cords have enough give.
  3. When writing I tend to sit very poorly. Forcing myself to stand sometimes might help with my poor posture, or it might allow me to shuffle my feet when writing faster paced scenes.
  4. My husband sometimes works from home and it would be nice if he had a good work space that wasn’t the dinning room table.

Have you used a sit stand desk at work or home? Would you recommend it?


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