Trying to have it all

Finding balance is always a struggle. Lately it has meant constant small adjustments to both expectation and routine. Things have been going well, but May is a busy time. My son’s birthday was yesterday, Mother’s day and my Mom’s birthday are coming up, I’m deep cleaning the house, and I’m working out again.

With so many things vying for my attention I’ve had to switch up how I fit everything in. The switch from full to part time has had a positive impact on most areas of my life, but, surprisingly, it’s hard to find time to workout and get some personal projects done. I love the extra time with my son, but I need time for me as well.

Last week I decided I needed to stop dragging my feet and find a way to make getting exercise a priority. I’d been part time for almost four months, it was past time to fit it in. I’m back to skipping (yes, I jump rope for exercise) because it’s easy, fast, can be done at home in the limited time, and I can layout my stuff the night before. With summer around the corner I’ll also be hooping (yes, I’m a kid and also enjoy hula hooping 😉 ) regularly in the backyard.

With that taken care of it’s time to figure out how to fit both writing and sewing into my life. I have other things I like to do, but these are the two things I want need to do regularly. I’ve been pretty good at sticking to my new Monday and Thursday writing schedule, but sewing hasn’t been as productive. For this month I’m taking things one day at a time. Today my goals are: skip, wash the kitchen floor, pin my son’s quilt, and write for at least an hour.

Do you manage to fit everything in? Or are you like me and always wishing for a few extra hours a day?


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