May Goals

How is it May already? Time to recap my goals for the last month, and set some for the new month.

My Goals for April were:

  1. Write 18,000 words. (15k on the Steampunk Novel, 3k on whatever I want) DONE! and I tried
  2. Use my NaNo style spreadsheet for any writing or editing I accomplish. DONE!
  3. Find at least two nights to sew. DONE!

I won Camp on the 25th. I had enough time to get another 3k, but I other things kept cropping up. My son’s birthday is tomorrow and things for that had to take precedence over my own writing.

I had forgotten my goal to sew at least two nights. Lucky for me I made a quilting update post in the middle of the month. I am further along on my Shoo Fly quilt which means I must have found at least one night to sew after that, and I know I did some sewing on at least one night before that.

My goals for May are:

  1. Write 8 times.
  2. Continue to use my spreadsheet.
  3. Read at least one book.
  4. Finish (100%, REALLY finish) the digger quilt.

I prefer to have a goal related to number of words rather than number of writing sessions, but I have no idea what I’m working on right now. The book is beause I haven’t been reading much. Time to get back to reading a book before bed instead of playing Sudoku. My son really wants his digger quilt, and this month is his birthday so I think he is right and it’s time to finish that thing.

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to in April? Have you set any big goals for May?


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