April Quilting Update

I know this is primarily a reading/writing blog, but I’ve decided that once a month I’m going to indulge my sewing side. In the middle of each month I’ll post an update on how my quilting/sewing is going. I hope this will keep me accountable and working on my three four quilting projects. It might even force me to do the little projects like hemming my curtains. Today I have an update on two of my projects: the digger quilt for my son and the shoo fly quilt for me.

Digger Quiltdigger quilt top
I designed the digger quilt myself. I used triangles, squares, and rectangles to make the math simple. The top has been finished for ahem several years. I decided I REALLY need to finish it before my son is too old to want to snuggle with a digger. It is almost time to quilt this one. I bought the thread, bought the fabric, and washed the backing fabric. I should be able to get it quilted in 2-3 evening sessions without much trouble. I’m either doing a stipple or a loop pattern. My son wants me to draw what each look like before making his final decision.

Shoo Fly Quilt
The shoo fly quilt for me is still in early stages. Years ago I made a single nine patch block to go in a quilt for a friend’s baby. I had a lot of leftover green, teal, and aqua fabrics. Just under a fat quarter of 9 fabrics. I also had some stashed green and teal fabrics leftover from other projects. I thought it would be fun to do a green scrappy quilt of some kind. I looked at patterns for a long time. Finally I stumbled upon Two Little Banshees: Quilt for Jane. It’s a nice simple shoo fly block with an offset and I fell in love. For my quilt I’m using 21  (12 inch) shoo fly blocks to make a lap sized quilt. The finished measurements will be around 51 by 72 inches. I had hoped to have a picture of the blocks I’ve finished so far (16!), but yesterday life decided it wasn’t meant to be. Next month I’ll work harder to get a picture.

Do you sew? If you do, what projects do you have on the go right now?


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