First Camp Update

The month started slowly… very slowly. I didn’t write my first word for Camp until the 6th. The plan was to write three times a week, but the first week of camp turned out to be very busy, and things didn’t pan out the way I expected. Between an anniversary, having some friends over, and other life craziness I was sinking fast.

On the 6th and 7th things were looking up. I wrote 2,500 words over those two days. I went from being 6 days behind to only 2. I had big plans to be completely caught up by the end of the weekend. Something that should have been easily obtained …

Then the weekend hit. Saturday afternoon I picked my mother up from the airport. That night I had a great night out with my critique group. We barely talked about writing, but had a great time. Well worth the missed words. Last night I had plans with the husband. I tried to write during the day, but my son was extra clingy and wanted to spend time as a family. My dreams of being caught up by last night were dashed.

I’m 2,500 words behind where I should be when I go to bed tonight. Lucky for me Monday is a writing night. I don’t plan to get caught up all in one shot, but I should be able to write 1,500 words without too much trouble as long as I log the butt in chair time. At this point I’m confident I can meet my camp nanowrimo goal by the end of the month. The faster I get caught up the better, but if I don’t fall any further behind I’ll make it.

How is your writing going this month? If you’re doing camp NaNo, are you behind?


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