Tracking my Writing Goals

I enjoy writing, but numbers are my first love. I’ve always been a big math fan, and I get excited when I have to spend time at work playing with spreadsheets. It should come as no surprise that I created a very cool (if I do say so myself) spreadsheet to track my writing.

I enter my total words for the day (positive or negative) as well as the novel I was working on. It colour codes the words based on preset values, tracks my words per novel and per month, and spits out one of five charts based on the options I pick. Below is my cumulative word count for the month of March via a NaNoWriMo style chart.

NaNo Style March 2016 Chart

I love that I can tell at a glance that I spent the middle of March editing. You can see a tiny increase on March 19th, then a drop on the 20th and 21st. I actually spent the 22nd and 18th editing as well, but the change in word count was so small you can’t really see it next to the larger increases on other days.

For March I worked on two different projects. The larger jumps at the end of the month were from my MG Sci Fi, everything else was from the new Steampunk novel (previously referred to as Mystery Project) I’m continuing to work on during Camp NaNo this month.

Do you track your writing progress? If you do, how do you track it?

p.s – I know it isn’t Friday, but I’m going to try a Monday/Thursday blogging schedule for a  while to see if it works better for me.


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