green triangles for quiltingWhen I was young I never thought of myself as a creative person. I didn’t excel in art, I can’t play a musical instrument, I can’t sing, and when I started writing in junior high it was fluffy teen romance stuff. I had friends who were creative. Friends who played piano, who could dance, or who could draw.

During university I took up cross stitch. My (at the time future) mother in law was big into it and made some amazing things. She was creative, but my cross stitches were small and simple, so in my mind I was not creative. At the end of university my best friend decided to learn to knit. Since she was learning I figured I would too. I made hats, mittens, scarves, and even my only knitted sweater. I still didn’t think of myself as creative. They were simple projects and I always used a pattern.

Next I took up quilting. I read a fanfic where the main character was a quilter, and my good friend’s Mom was a quilter. I wanted to own quilts like that, so I decided to learn to quilt. I got that quilt top about half finished (it’s still on my bucket list to finish it). For the first time I felt creative. I was picking fabrics and designing patterns. I made a digger quilt top for my son from a pattern I had designed myself.

Shortly after learning to quilt I did my first NaNo. I wrote 50,000 words on a single project in a single month. It was by far the farthest into a writing project I had ever made it. It had a beginning, middle, and end. It was utter crap, and I never let anyone read it, but I was proud of what I had accomplished.

These days I know I’m creative, and if I haven’t created anything in a while I start to get a bit twitchy. Cross stitch, knitting, quilting, and writing are all different ways I choose to be creative. These days I focus my creativity on writing, but sometimes I need something a bit more meditative and I pull out my sewing machine. Last night I chain pieced the triangles you see in the image at the start of this post. They are for my shoo fly quilt. I was supposed to be writing, but my brain needed a break. I might just take another break from writing tonight to get the blocks for this quilt started. I guess it all depends on what kind of creativity I need.

What are your favourite ways to create? Do you creative in different ways depending on how you feel? or is that just me?


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