I would love to be able to call this post something like “How to handle stress”, or “How to find the time for writing during a stressful time”, but I haven’t figured either of those things out yet.

I’m not too bad at handling stress at work. I find solutions, have no problem doing my part for a team, and enjoy the relief when it is all over. Stress at home is another matter completely. Until I had a child, stress at home was fairly rare. There was some stress when I was planing my wedding, but it was short lived. There was a bit of stress when we bought our first house, but my husband and I were confident in our decision and I’m weird and ENJOY packing.

When my son started school he had trouble. A lot of trouble. To say it wasn’t an easy ride is a huge understatement. Things are going better this year, but there are still plenty of bumps in the road. A lot of meetings, juggling, and a constant adjustment of schedules and expectations. I never thought of people who can drop their kids off at school in the morning and not worry about them until pick up as lucky, but those people are lucky. They are so very lucky. I’m sure they have other bumps and problems, but I envy them the ease of school.

I have noticed that when I get stressed I retreat into TV. Years ago I used to retreat into books or TV, but lately I find when I am truly at the end of my rope I need to veg and just watch the action. Writing takes monumental effort. It isn’t just writing the words that can be hard in these times, but finding the ideas to write about.

This month we hit another bump in the road. I stopped writing for a few days, but I managed to get back on the horse. I guess that new skirt reward is helping! I had my biggest writing day of the month during what I hope is one of the most stressful weeks of the month. Maybe the secret is to just do it anyway. Even when you don’t want to, when it is hard, and when the words are going to be crap. I can always edit them later right?


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