It’s Time to Quilt that Quilt

Star QuiltMy two main hobbies are writing and sewing. I don’t find it too hard to fit writing into my schedule. It is something I can easily pick away at while my son plays in the same or another room, after my son is in bed, or from any number of spaces in the house. Sewing has proven to be much harder.

I don’t have a dedicated sewing space. I sew on my dinning room table. It only takes 10 minutes to set up or take down all of my stuff (I’ve had a fair amount of practice and have it down to a science). If I only need 2.5 hours I can fit it in an evening after my son is in bed without much trouble. The project I want to work on right now though will take longer. It isn’t that I can’t work on it in 2.5 hour chunks, but it is also something new and a bit intimidating. I don’t want to get started, only to find after 2.5 hours that all I have accomplished is finally having everything set up properly by the time I need to take it apart.

Today is my yearly, all to myself, vacation day. I haven’t actually had it all to myself since my son was born. When he was in daycare it was our special vacation day. Then last year it was a snow day and school was cancelled. Convenient since I didn’t have to worry about childcare, but annoying since I had been looking forward to a day to myself.

This year the weather looks good, and there is not reason I shouldn’t get my day to myself. My plan for the day is simple; I am going to quilt a quilt. I have the sewing machine, gloves, thread, and quilt top ready to go. I even got some practice quilting not too long ago. Once the boys are out the door I should be able to get 5 hours of quilting (plus breaks). I hope to get the quilt top half finished over the course of the day.

I have two or three finished quilt tops, but plans for a day of quilting have been easily derailed. Today I will finally get my chance. I’m excited to practice my new skill, and nervous about the results. Luckily the quilt is a lap quilt for my husband, and he will be able to see past any perfections to the love it was made with. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself that!

Do you have any hobbies that are hard to fit into your life? How do you make the time to do the things you love around the things you have to do?



2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Quilt that Quilt

  1. categaragan February 5, 2016 / 9:00 am

    I didn’t know you had finally found your gloves, that’s great! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


    • NJ Fraser February 5, 2016 / 10:06 am

      I bought them online, and they arrived just before Christmas. I didn’t get a quilting day over the holidays though.

      My machine has a new needle, is oiled, my free motion foot is modified, and I have several bobbins ready to go. Now to do my test to make sure I have everything set up properly before I get started.


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