Changing my Blog Schedule … Again

I’m still trying to find the right way to fit a blog into my life. I want to blog because it forces me to write and organize my thoughts, but I need to have a schedule that doesn’t overwhelm or take too much time away from my other hobbies (writing non blog stuff and sewing).

In an attempt to find the right balance I’m changing up my posting schedule again. I liked posting every three days, but it quickly got to the point where I had trouble remembering if it was a posting day or not. Instead I’m switching to a Monday and Friday schedule with bi-weekly Wednesdays. This should keep my number of posts per month the same, but be much easier to remember.

The Bi-Weekly Wednesday posts will be my 500 words posts. I really like the idea of these posts being on a easy to follow schedule. Every second Friday will be a recommendation post. The rest will be the usual random stuff my mind is churning over and updates on how my writing is going. I hope to keep to this schedule for a lot longer than two months. Time will tell!


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