Plans for January

My updated goals for December were:

  1. Read a book I didn’t write. – Done! Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong (among others).
  2. Write the first four 500 words posts. – 2/4 done. I have started the next two, but I don’t think they are ready to post yet.
  3. Make plans for a new-ish writing group in the new year. – Done! We are finalizing plans now.
  4. Clean the house before the holidays. – Done. I got some cleaning, sorting, and de-cluttering accomplished. The house continues to be a work in progress though.

December total: 3.5/4 I would say December was a success.

My Goals for January are:

  1. Have the first meeting of our new writing critique group.
  2. Read through the YA Portal Fantasy and make a final edits list.
  3. Write 5,000 words on my MG Sci-Fi.

I haven’t decided if I am making goals for the new year or not. Sometimes making goals at the beginning of the year is motivating, but sometimes life is too unpredictable to try and plan that far out.

What are your goals for this month or year? How did you do on your goals for last year/month?


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