Plans for December

My goals for November were to finish NaNo before the writing retreat, go to two write-ins, and finish the rough draft of my MG Sci-Fi. I managed to finish NaNo on the first night of the writing retreat. I went to one write-in plus a NaNo specific writing retreat. I would say both of those are a win. I didn’t do so well on getting that rough draft finished. I did some great work during the writing retreat, but really fell behind when I got home.

November total: 2/3

My goals for December are:

  1. Finish the MG novel by Dec. 7th.
  2. Read a book to get some quick distance from the MG novel. I don’t have time to let it sit for months, so a few days will have to do.
  3. Print a paper copy of the manuscript.
  4. Do a slow read through and make a list of local and global changes.
  5. Make the changes.

I won’t lie. That is a lot to get done in a very short amount of time. I’m not sure I can manage it around the holidays, but I am going to try.

Update on Dec. 7 – My goals and plans for this month have changed. As I no longer need to have this story ready for January I have switched to the goals below instead:

  1. Read a book I didn’t write.
  2. Write the first four 500 words posts.
  3. Make plans for a new-ish writing group in the new year.
  4. Clean the house before the holidays.

Do you set objectives for your writing? Did you achieve everything you wanted to in November?


2 thoughts on “Plans for December

  1. Katherine Jay December 2, 2015 / 11:06 am

    Miraculously, I achieved everything I wanted to in November!

    I don’t usually set specific goals for a month, except for a vague word count goal, but December is unusual. Even in a normal year, I have a couple of deadlines in December, and this year I’ve got an extra one. So I have actual concrete goals this month.

    I’ll go back to my usual vague goals in January 🙂


    • NJ Fraser December 2, 2015 / 11:16 am

      Yay for achieving everything you set out to achieve! I hope my goal list in January is smaller than my December one.

      It seems December is going to be a busy month all around.


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