Books for 6-9 Year old Boys

My son doesn’t have the reading level to read books to himself yet. He is still in the early reader phase, but he loves when we read him chapter books. Below are four of my favourite book series for young boys. I chose to focus on books that are part of a series for this post because once you find a series the kid likes it is easy to find more books to read.

1.) Jack Stalwart Series by Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Jack is a nine year old boy, who also happens to be a secret agent for the Global Protection Force (GPF). These books take the reader on adventures all over the world. Jack always uses the neatest gadgets to meet his goals. There are fourteen books in this series and we just finished the last one. A great series for a kid who likes gadgets and who wants to travel.

2.) Hardy Boys Secret Case Files by Franklin W. Dixon
I picked up the first book in this series because I was a big fan of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew when I was younger. I wanted to share that with my son, but he isn’t old enough for them yet. These books follow Frank and Joe Hardy when they are in elementary. They solve mysteries around their neighbour hood and at school. We have also read him books from the Nancy Drew Clue Crew series.

3.) Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne
No list for early chapter books would be complete without talking about the Magic Tree House books. Everyone I talk to recommends these as a great introduction to chapter books. Jack and Annie find a tree house filled with books. The tree house is magic and allows them to travel through time and space. My son loves going on adventures with Annie and Jack.

4.) The Bailey School Kids Jr by Marcia Thornton Jones and Debbie Dadey
We tried the regular Bailey School Kids books with my son, but he found them scary. I don’t think most kids his age would have a problem, but he tends to be more sensitive than most. The Jr ones are perfect for him though. They follow kids in the second grade and are silly instead of scary. I also love the big text and number of pictures. We plan to use these as his first chapter books when he is ready to start reading them on his own.


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