NaNoWriMo – Just over a week to go

Yes, another NaNoWriMo Post. I will be posting a NaNoWriMo mini series this year. Posts will go up every Friday until the end of November. Today I’ll talk about a few last minute things to keep in mind before getting started November 1st.

Get lots of sun shine
You might not see the sun much for the month of November. If you have a pretty full schedule already with work, school, sports, family, and/or household stuff you may find fitting in 50k around your regular life is going to be a challenge. Instead of taking a walk at lunch you will likely be trying to get your word count. Instead of long leisurely walks in the park you’ll be sitting at your laptop typing away. Get that vitamin D now while have the chance.

Spend time with your family and friends
In my last post about NaNo I talked about having the support of family and friends. In these last few days before NaNo spend time with your family and friends. I time my writing schedule around spending time with my kid. I do most of my writing on my lunch break or after the kid is in bed. This means I don’t get as much time with my husband as I usually do, but it keeps me from hiding away from my family completely. For the month of November I tend to sacrifice a lot of my personal socializing time in favour of writing. Getting in one last coffee date, movie, party, or other outing can make a big difference.

Set your writing schedule
Over the next week think about when you could fit some writing in each day. Then sit down and make up a schedule for November. You may surprise yourself with how much time you have to dedicate to meeting the challenge of 50,000 words in a single month. If you write regularly already you may have an idea of how many hours you need to schedule each day. If this is your first kick at the can you might be surprised by how many hours it will take. In my experience with NaNo the first year is the longest. It takes skill to turn off your inner editor and just go for it.

Get your writing space ready
I don’t always write in the same place, but I always need the same materials. I will gather them up a few days before NaNo to make sure they are handy and waiting for me when the first of November comes. I keep things simple with a laptop, a pen, and a few notebooks. I also like to have water and often chocolate handy. If you plan to write at the same desk, table or couch all month get your writing space the way you like it now. The fewer excuses you have on November first the better.

What are your plans for your last week before you settle in to write 50k in a single month? Is this your first kick at the NaNo can or are you an experienced NaNo writer?

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