Talent vs. Desire

Most of my childhood moments of pride involve numbers.  I remember in grade 4 when I was the only one to get the bonus question on a math test right. It was a picture/word problem where you had to figure out the weight of a cat based on the weight of other things.  In grade five we challenged the grade 6s to a math contest.  I was one of the few grade 5s to win my match. In junior high I got an extra scoop of ice cream because I was the first to calculate the volume of the scoop. In my last year of high school I was the only one from my junior high still in honours math. Almost all of my moments of achievement were math or science based. I love numbers and still do suduko and logic puzzles regularly.

Alternatively I can’t think of a single moment growing up where I excelled with words. I never won a writing or poetry contest. From grade 1 until grade 5 or 6 I worked with a resource teacher a few times a week on reading. I was not only late learning to read but continued to struggle with it until almost high school. My English test scores were always well below my scores in math and science. Even as a adult I struggle with grammar and punctuation. I have taken a course on grammar and punctuation and it is much *much* better than before, but it still pretty much sucks.

Despite all the above, my dreams centre around writing not solving math problems. I love numbers and logic, but if I could pick one thing to spend the rest of my work life doing it would be writing. My dream is to write books about fictional characters having grand adventures. I want to write about kids as they journey through space, about a murder on werewolf land during the full moon, and about a teen girl who steps through a solid oak door into another world. I want to make all my imaginary worlds come to life through words. My talent is solidly with math and logic, but my desire is solidly with my imagination and writing.

What is your talent? Does it match your desire?


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