What Superpower Would You Pick?

I was looking through some old writing the other night and came across my YA Superhero novel from 2009. If I ever go back to that project it will be a complete rewrite, but it got me thinking about superheros, and more specifically, superpowers. If you could have any superpower what would you pick?

Since I’m a dork, I’ve thought about this question many times in my life. When I was young I wanted to fly. It didn’t have to be a direct flying ability. It could be the ability to jump so high it felt like flying, or the ability to ride in a tornado as it sped across the land. As an adult I’ve come to realize flying would be the worst superpower for me. I’m scared of heights! I’ll stick to an airplane for all my flight needs thank you very much.

Later I thought an ability to stop time, or freeze people, might be fun. It would be a useful power if you were some sort of Superhero spy. I would probably end up taking advantage of such a power though and spend more time sneaking past people so I didn’t have to talk to them then interacting with them. Invisibility is out for the same reason. I would use it to avoid uncomfortable confrontations that I shouldn’t avoid.

These days with work, a busy family life and not enough time I think being able to send a clone of myself off into the world for a few hours would be a useful power. My clone could go to work for me in the morning so I could get some chores done, and have a bit of time to spend on my hobbies (writing, reading and sewing). My clone could stay home on weekend afternoons to clean the house while I went for a hike with my family. My time could be spent doing the things I love, but the things I need to do would still get done.

What superpower would you pick if the sky was the limit?


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